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The earliest speakers of Swíra were nomadic goat-herders dominating the dry plains north of the Tepat civilization. Living in clannish tribes, with a warlike honor-obsessed ethos, and a mystical religion based on self-mortification and the use of hallucinogenic plants, they were everything the Tepat considered barbaric. Unfortunately, the Swira were soon to overrun Tepat and establish a feudalistic empire over it. The Old Swira language was formerly a robustly polysynthetic language, with no unbound forms, excepting a few conjunctions and discourse particles. In essence, everything got drawn into the verb like a black hole. The Classical language represented an amalgam of Old Swira and related nomadic dialects with a heavy infusion of learned Tepat vocabulary. The modern language has simplified its verb morphology, developed prepostitions from common gerunds, become more analytical, and become more consistently SVO, as they attempt to become "rational" like their predecessors.

The Prehistoric Swíra


The Swíra Empire


Reguándóy domum
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