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Satellite Maps and Images

In space
Seen among the stars

The continents, labelled

The Continent of Atonya
The Continent of Atonya
The Continent of Tiptum
The Continent of Tiptum
                Little-Explored Southern Continent
The Southern Continent

Physical and Terrain Maps

Climate and Vegetation Maps

Climate map

Natural Vegetation Map of Sopih

Political Maps

Political Map of Tiptum

Cultural Maps

Linguistic Map of Tiptum

Obsolete Maps

This space is for some maps which are now deprecated because of changes to the geography of the world.

Sopih, in psychedelic color
Sopih, in psychedelic color

Winter in the Northern Hemisphere
Winter in the Northern Hemisphere.
Old map of Aipura
An old map of Aipura

Reguándóy domum
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