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For five years I have been posting some of my artwork on DeviantArt as user "rodkaromanovich."

For lovers of color, I'm sorry about the near-ubiquity of a monochromatic color scheme. I like the gray scale, if you did not already guess as much from viewing this site. Color can distract from other elements like shape, shading, and texture, which are usually more interesting to me. It also conveys a certain atmosphere, like the charm some people find in black-and-white photographs. Most of my drawings are done with pen or charcoal, sometimes washing over the charcoal with a brush. Sometimes I distort the images on the computer, usually making the picture fuzzier. I do realistic and some surreal work. I'm not a big fan of contemporary art, or really any modern art (except surrealism), and I sometimes mock it (for example, Blank Scan I and II), although it's inspirational sometimes for some isolated ideas they come up with.

I am interested in photomanipulation too, and in the past did some crude versions of it in MS Paint and other non-photomanipulatorily-oriented programs. I don't have Adobe Photoshop but recently I have downloaded the free (poor me, most of my software is free) graphics program GIMP, and have been experimenting with that but have not done anything yet I would post online.

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