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06/21/15: Sopih is now on Tumblr. I'll be posting new information on Sopih here as I make it.


01/10/11: The monochrome barrier is broken.


12/29/10: BIG CHANGES: I officially joined the Language Creation Society (LCS) and thanks to their very generous terms of membership I have free webspace for all my conlang-related stuff. My conlangs are now at home at The "Conlangs" link on the home page now points to my LCS page. In addition to that, my musical project The Grand Inquisitor now has a Myspace page, although there are no songs up yet, basically just the wheel logo. Since I already have (for almost six years) a deviantART page for my drawings and poetry, this means that this Tripod website has essentially been reduced to a personal page / link hub.

04/08/10: Moved pages around and cleaned up the appearance a bit


10/26/09: R.I.P. Geocities

06/20/09: This site is moved to Tripod from Geocities.

05/13/09: "Music" page made, detailing my musical activities, including tabbing and translation work.

04/14/09: The first music, in the form of MIDI files, is added to Songs.



06/18/07: Added "Writings" section, changed updates page to reverse chronological order


02/04/06 - 02/06/06: First important update of the new year. Art page and quotes pages rearranged, webmaster bio abbreviated. Metal page expanded with examples, and Death Folk page completely rewritten with more useful details and comments on "Poor Little Girl".


12/09/05: "Metal" page put up, some stylesheet changes

10/27/05: Encoding problems corrected

09/06/05: Update on Sopih, including short description of Renqila, and some smaller edits scattered around the site

04/15/05: The non-Çomyopregi stuff is added: the website explodes! AHHH! WHOOOOSH! WOW!

03/14/05: New entrance page design

02/09/05: History and "Secret History" up

01/24/05: Çomyopregi dictionary is up

01/10/05: All sections of Çomyopregi grammar put up


08/01/04: Website started on Geocities

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